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Backflip F1 - 4

Bakflip F1

Flush Hinge Design: The BakFlip F1 has a unique flush hinge design. It performs better in all weather conditions and is guaranteed to last longer than your truck. The flush hinge minimizes water and ice build up on top of the tonneau cover as well.
Folds beyond 90 degrees: BakFlip F1 is designed to fold past the 90-degree point. This is critical to minimizing wind flow, to allow full visibility of the 3rd break light and to drive safely at high speeds.
Heavy duty latches: BakFlip F1 has heavy duty latches that are encased in an injection molded plastic for enhanced performance and ergonomics.
Perfectly matches the BakBox: The same impact resistant material used to produce the BakBox toolbox is used on the BakFlip F1. The two accessories gel into one for a perfect aesthetic fit.
Superior rail design: BakFlip F1 tonneau cover rails have a 1/8 inch rail support surface that ensures a perfect fit every time. In addition it allows the cover to handle more wight on top of it as well as promoting superior resistance to water.


Bakflip G2

Clamps on with no drilling: The BakFlip G2 requires no drilling. It easily clamps on with a 9/16 wrench.
Integrated D-rings: The BakFlip G2 has integrated D-rings, which allow you to drive with the tonneau cover in incremental positions.
Lock tailgate for ultimate security: All G2 latches are concealed under the tonneau cover. Just lock your tailgate for ultimate security.
Locks in full open position: The BakFlip G2 locks in the full open position. It protects your cab from impact and allows you to drive with the cover open at freeway speeds.
Works with BakBox: The aluminum panel construction of the BakFlip G2 is the same as the substructure of the BakBox toolbox. The two products are a perfect seamless match.


Bakflip MX4

Total Bed Access: Open the cover, secure it in place with the included struts, and gain access to nearly 100% of your bed. While not in use, the struts rest in upgraded rod clips. The MX4 includes enhanced rubber bumpers, which prevent the cover from scratching your truck's cab while open.
Enhanced Side Rails: The MX4 rails have a finished look with no exposed raw aluminum. Channels are integrated into the rails, which direct water away from and out of your truck bed.
Dual Action Tailgate Seal: The design of the MX4 tailgate seal allows you to shut the cover with your tailgate in either the open or closed position.
Matte Black Panels: The MX4 has a UV resistant matte black finish. This powder coat protects the cover from UV rays, scratches, and dents.
Bolt-On Installation: No drilling is required to install the cover.
Easy for Anyone to Use: Pull the string latch and fold the cover toward your truck cab to open it and access your gear. When you fold the cover back to shut it, the panels automatically latch into place.

Bakflip Revolver X2

Sleek, Low Profile: BAK designed the X2 to sit nearly flush with your truck's bed rails. This gives the tonneau cover a low profile that complements the look of your truck.
Secure Your Cargo: The Revolver X2 uses a patented Rotational Locking System to lock the cover with the rails when closed. Shut the cover, lock the tailgate, and your cargo will be protected from inclement weather and sticky fingers.
Full Bed Access: The cover can be opened and secured in place at the bulkhead to provide full bed access. This makes it easy to haul furniture and other large cargo without removing the Revolver X2.
Easy to Operate: When you need to open the cover, just pull the string latch located on either side of the bed to unlatch and roll up the X2. When you roll the cover shut, the Rotational Locking System automatically engages with the rail.
Keeps Water Out: Vinyl-lined aluminum slats work in conjunction with EPDM rubber side seals to protect your gear from rain, snow, and other elements.
Bolt-On Clamps: No drilling is necessary.
Revolver X4 - 1

Bakflip Revolver X4

Premium Matte Black Finish: Providing all the great features of the Revolver X2, the Revolver X4 now has an upgraded, premium vinyl overlay with a matte black finish.
No Velcro or Snaps: Operating like a roll-up tonneau cover, the Revolver X4 takes it step further and works without Velcro or snaps. The end result is a flush fit, no-hassle design.
Unmatched Security: BAK's patented Rotational Locking Rails feature exclusive side rails that automatically engage the aluminum slats of the cover when the cover is fully closed. Locking the tailgate provides the ultimate security for the truck bed.
100% Bed Access: Simply roll the cover to the front of the bed to make full use of the truck bed. The cover can be driven in the open position by securing it with both buckle straps. The rear view mirror can still be used while the cover is open.
Simple to Use: One-hand operation is attainable with the pull cable release. This can be used from either side of the bed to open the cover. The automatic slam latches will secure the cover at the rear when closed.
Weather Resistant Design: The Revolver X4 uses weather resistant seals along the sides of the cover to create a strong seal to the bed of the truck. The vinyl overlay creates a one-piece design so water and debris can't make its way through the aluminum slats.

Bakflip Revolver X4S

Interlocking aluminum slats lined with heavy duty vinyl.

Slats, clamps, and vinyl are all matte black for the ultimate sleek appearance.

Slats are capped to protect your hands and ensure easy use of the tonneau cover.

The X4S side seals are flattened for a more streamlined look.

Rotational locking rail system secures the cover when closed.

The cover can be opened and locked in place with included buckle straps to haul large items.

Built-in bulkhead seal protects your cargo from rain, snow, and other elements.

Does not block access to stake hole pockets.


Bakflip Fibermax

Protects cab and allows 3rd brake visibility: BakFlip Fibermax has rubber bumpers that protect the cab from impact and shifting loads. It is also FMVSS-108 approved to be driven in the open position.
Rugged impact resistant texture: The BakFlip Fibermax has a rugged, impact resistant texture on the top surface. It also remains cooler to the touch than aluminum in extreme heat.
Scuff resistant rubber: BakFlip Fibermax has brand new scuff resistant rubber seals for superior longevity and good looks.
Superior rail seals: The BakFlip Fibermax has new malleable outer rail seals ensuring superior resistance to moisture and dust, while conforming perfectly to rails with design patterns and spray on bedliners.
Works with bed rails: BakFlip Fibermax works with bed rails because of its extreme low profile and custom inner truck rail contour.

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